Homework is Out of Control

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People expect so much out of teenagers, especially the students who are involved in sports and maintain a job throughout the school year. They are expected to attend classes and their extracurricular activities; they have to make it to work on time, finish their homework, do their studies, and on top of that, get enough sleep at night. This is the kind of busy schedule students uphold in their week and it’s overwhelming for them. It causes stress and exhaustion, and people still expect them to do well and keep up with everything. Is this how we want students to feel all the time? Sure we want them to accomplish goals and be the best they can be, but one way to relieve some stress is less homework. When they come home from work or sports late at night, they still have paperwork to fill out, but nowadays, it oftentimes takes hours to finish. This is where life becomes almost unbearable for our students. Students of America have too much homework, and it’s come to a point where it’s created many problems for people including teachers, family members, and students.

Homework is work students are expected to do at home individually in order to learn the content and gain study habits. However, in order for it to be meaningful for students, it needs to have purpose and promote mastery (“Does Homework Work?”). If the homework comes to a point where the assignment doesn’t have a clear purpose, it upsets students as well as their parents. For this reason, it’s important for teachers to make the meaning of the homework obvious. It helps motivate the students and makes them more willing to learn (DeNisco).

When homework becomes busy work, students begin to loathe doing their homework, and start stressing out about it. This is, quite possi...

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