Homeschooling Research Paper

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Homeschooling vs. Conventional Schooling: Different Paths to One Destination
Education has evolved steadily over many decades. When one thinks about education, he or she is normally predestined to envision conventional “school room” education. This thinking will be challenged throughout this document. Another form of education that has been around just as long is homeschooling. Homeschooling is an alternative form of education that more and more parents are moving toward as a result of many factors apparent in the school systems. In the article “Homeschooling,” Kate McReynolds tells that why parents homeschool their children can involve many factors. For some, it is a need to provide religious-based education. Others may fear for their
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Professional educators think that homeschoolers live sheltered lives, and therefore are unable to socially relate to others (Romanowski, “Revisiting” 125). Romanowski states that, “Unless those children are exposed on a daily basis to the social life found in the public schools, they will lack the skills needed to successfully adapt to real-life situations when they are older” (Romanowski, “Revisiting” 125). Public school exposes children to a variety of backgrounds and values, which provide better socialization. Whereas homeschoolers often hang out with other homeschoolers who have comparable viewpoints and upbringings (Romanowski, ”Common”…show more content…
According to authors Perry Haan and Cam Cruickshank, while some school districts are open to homeschooled students participating in extracurricular activities, other are against children being able to pick and choose what parts of traditional school they want to experience . Parents that choose to homeschool their children pay for that education out of their own pockets. Meanwhile these same parents are still paying taxes for the public school system even though they are not utilizing this service. It is my opinion that these children should to able to participate in any aspect of public school whether it be classes or extracurricular. If a parent is homeschooling and cannot teach a specific subject adequately, for example a foreign language, there should be an avenue to utilize the public education system for just that subject. Sports, as well as band, social clubs (i.e. French Club, Science Club), and after school dances, are all extracurricular activities that take place after school and not during class time. Homeschoolers participation in these groups would not negatively impact the routine school day. Public school officials believe that homeschoolers are socially challenged, yet they are the ones trying to deny these children the chance to socialize by participating in classes and extracurricular
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