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The American Educational System is not what it used to be. Many people fear the falling standards of the United States’ public school system. What with the harsh social environment, the controversial curriculum, the overpaid, corrupt teachers with their own agenda, and the exposure to horrifying new ideas and ways of thinking; Or at least this is what the paranoid parents of the United States have led themselves to believe. Anything looks bad when you look at it in such harsh light. Granted, there are a few (or several ) flaws in the Public Educational System but rather than make an attempt to help fix these problems, parents take it upon themselves to educate their own children and “fix” them. This alternative form of education known as Home School gives parents the opportunity to teach their children as they see fit. However, this method of schooling can prove to be more harmful to the child rather than helpful. It’s no secret that most parents want what’s best for their children. Well, at least what’s best for them according to the parents’ definition of “best”. From childhood to the majority of adolescence, the child has no say in the decisions their parents make for them or how their parents raise them. So, for reasons known only to them, some parents will choose not to place their child in public schools and educate their precious bundles of joy themselves. As of Spring 2007, an estimated 2.9% of children are being home schooled in the United States alone. That’s over 1.5 million students. (IES) Parents’ reasoning for home-schooling their children is really no secret either. A survey taken in 2007 has shown the kinds of motivation parents have for educating their own offspring: 35% of parents home-schooled their kids for... ... middle of paper ... ...think about the whole ordeal. (Magazine) Perhaps it is because of people such as these that the United States will never truly become a country populated by well-educated and enlightened individuals. Then again, that may be just an exaggerated and poorly thought-out overstatement. Educating their own children is the parents’ right and there are always two sides to every argument and controversial issue. After all, this paper has only covered the negative aspects of home-schooling. Works Cited U.S. Department of Education. “1.5 Million Homeschooled Students in the United States in 2007.” IES National Center For Education Statistics. Institute of Education Sciences, Dec. 2008. Web. 05 Mar. 2011. Reyes, Robert Paul. “Home Schooling; Not A Good Idea.” Useless Knowledge Magazine: Useless Facts and Useless Information. 23 Nov. 2004. 09 Mar. 2011.

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