Home Depot's Corporate Level Strategy Summary

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Dr. Parnell advises that the corporate level strategies “focus shifts to how the firm’s business units should compete and is concerned with the basic thrust of the firm” (2014, p.183). Home Depot is clearly focused on its business units in form of “its own established unique mission, set of competitors, and industry” (2014, p.183). By remaining a competitive force in the home improvement industry and staying true to its company mission of “putting customers first and the rest will follow” Home Depot corporate level strategy is categorized as differentiation strategy. Not only has Home Depot remain a competitive force to reckon with, they also hold the industry title of “the world’s largest home improvement retailer” (Home Depot, 2016). Since Home Depot has already achieved such an esteemed accolade it would not make much since for them to operate at a low-cost strategy. According to Dr. Parnell, the differentiated strategy “seeks to offer unique and/or unusual products and …show more content…

Parnell states that business level strategies “also known as competitive strategy, addresses the competitive aspect in terms of who the business should serve and what needs should be satisfied” (2014, p.183). Therefore the business level strategy goes one step closer by discovering insightful trends, strategies regarding competition, and gaining insight on the consumer and business needs. Home Depot business level strategies speak to their product diversification and integration process. The case study (2014) reveals that Home Depot initial inception focused on competing with hardware stores, providing DIY materials and lawn and garden tools (Parnell, 2014, p.378). However, if you were to walk into Home Depot today, they have turned into a one-stop shop for all home remodeling needs down to the furniture and accessories that will be placed in the home. This type of product diversification and unique mix of innovative products confirms the differentiated strategy in which it

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