The Film Industry in Florida

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Florida is known for many things like its fresh oranges, its sunshine and warm climate, its beautiful beaches, its Everglades National Park, cigar factories and many more interesting things. There is also one more thing that adds on to Florida’s popularity and it is its film industry. The film industry in Florida is one of the largest in the United States. In 2006, Florida was ranked third in the U.S. for film production, after California and New York, based on revenue generated. Who knew Florida would also be famous for its film industry. I will be talking about Florida’s interesting facts and history about the film/movie industry and how it all started in Florida. In the early 20th century it was a period of rapid growth for the American motion picture industry. During that time, New York City was the main headquarters for this industry. New York was eventually hit with a cold, harsh winter weather, and Hollywood was not in the picture yet, the New York City film industry needed a winter filming location. In search for a winter location they found Jacksonville, Florida the gateway to the sunshine state. Besides Jacksonville being a warm climate with exotic locations Jacksonville also provided a great rail system which gave easy access and transportation of equipment to the city. With all of these services that Jacksonville provided to the film maker’s, Jacksonville quickly became known as The Winter Film Capital of the World. In 1908, Jacksonville became the new home of Kalem Studios, the very first film studio in the state of Florida, which pushed the city to fame as the Winter Film Capital of the World. Cold weather sent New York film producers south in search of sunnier locations for filming during the winter. ... ... middle of paper ... ... World. The Festival includes narrative and documentary features and shorts, animation, midnight movies, and a full array of educational forums, attractive parties, and other special events. The Florida Film festival is known as the "Big 15" in the United States, for Academy Award consideration. The citywide festivities serve two purpouses, remembering Florida's amazing movie making past and attracting the entertainment industry and being a spark for new talent. For more than a hundred years, Jacksonville has played an important role in America's film history. In the beginning of the first decade of the 20th century, Jacksonville's people, its buildings and its remarkable landscape have been seen on screens both large and small across the country. With all of the achievements the Florida has made it deserves the title of The Winter Film Capital of The World.
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