History of police Culture

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History of police Culture The word culture means a group of people sharing the same beliefs, values, knowledge and behavior. The culture of policemen evolved as with the development of policing. Policeman is individuals empowered by the state to enforce law, serve and protect. The word police have a history from a Greek word called politeia. The word politeia in Greek was used to refer to dealings that affected the stability and safety of the Greek State. In the 18 century the word “police” were taken from the French and brought into the English language. King Louis XlV organized the first central police force in 1667 to police Paris, because back then Paris was the largest city in Europe. August “Gus” Vollmer was known as the father of policing because he started the first school, where officers could learn the law of evidence. In 1905 August became the first chief in Berkeley, California. He also was the first chief to tell his department to use the lie detector. August Vollmer was the first American officer to incorporate the use of blood, fiber, and analysis in a criminal investigation. Technology in policing began to advance in the 1800’s. DNA was discovered 1868, and in 1882 Alphonse Bertillon used anthropometrics as a mean of identification. As years past they continue advancing in policing. How policing is run now and how it was ran in the early years are totally different. Strict laws and consequences are put into place, and by then there was any. All these things affect police culture, and that’s what makes culture of policing different then the culture of policing in the early years. (According to Inciardi in 1990, police develop resources in order to deal with their isolation from the community that results from ... ... middle of paper ... ...es have found that often police misconduct is learned behavior from in his organization. Police culture is defined and broken down by artifacts. Artifacts like learning police jargon, how to talk on their radio, how to write a report. I think a counter act to this problem is more community policing. Officers should volunteer a little time reach back out to the community, getting to know the people of the community will help how people view police culture and actually help the culture also. I don’t want to be a cop so I feel this information is not relevant to my field of chose. Works Cited http://www.abuseofpower.info/culture_Brotherhood.htm http://voices.yahoo.com/police-culture-sub-culture-3404808.html http://www.sagepub.com/upm-data/38432_4.pdf http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/police Criminal Investigations 10th edition By: Christine Hess and Karen Matison Hess

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