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History of

The impact of internet community caused by YouTube has been phenomenal. You tube has established many new legal, individual rights, social concerns that question the human implications of this new social experiment. That is why YouTube has become so popular and interesting to the world. It has built an international understanding of areas of human relationships between people from all around the world. It has set no boundaries to communication. The psychological implications that allow for people to express themselves in any way they feel; has allowed no limitations to the ability we see ourselves and how we would like others to see us. The curiosity that has caused has set new unlimited horizons.


YouTube has become one of the top four popular virtual environments. It is debatable whether the lines may be crossed between what is real and unreal in our lives. People are able to create new personalities in a virtual world. The technology has people empowered to use YouTube to interact with each other in new more narrative ways. continues to make controversy in the way that it has impacted the virtual world. Why has it become international form of inquiry? Understanding of the how, where and why the whole YouTube manifestation began and where it is going in the future. Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle theory was the “Great Man” he wrote that the history of the world is but the biography of great men. He believed that it is the few, the powerful and the famous which shape our collective destiny as a species. How does YouTube affect this theory?

History of

The internet is a global interconnected network of thousands of networks linking academic, re...

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