Historical Dinner Party

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The table is set and the aroma of herbed chicken, buttered cheddar rolls and sweet corn risotto fills the air. This dinner party is going to be one to be remembered! I have chosen to invite three very special people to dine with my Husband and I. They each have been chosen for a very specific reason. The people I chose are; Abraham Lincoln, Mary of Bethany, and Truly Wright. The evening will be one of enlightening and enjoyment as we get to learn and converse with these amazing individuals.
The first person I chose to invite to this historical dinner party is Abraham Lincoln. He is determined, and a man of great conscience. He was defeated in eight separate elections before becoming President of the United States of America. Yet he did not let this and other set-backs deter him. His level of persistence is truly admirable. Abraham Lincoln is also a man of conscience. In a world where so many people thought it normal to enslave others he believed differently. He stood for his convictions and freed thousands of people from slavery. Another person who stood for their convictions is the next guest, Mary of Bethany.
Mary of Bethany did what she believed was right and also was able to mourn with Christ. When Martha wanted to make the stay of Jesus as perfect …show more content…

Truly Wright is my Husband's Great Grandmother who passed away when we were just dating. He is very excited to see her and get the opportunity to speak with her for one more night. I am very excited to meet the woman I have learned so much about. I hope she will tell me about how she was able to become the first female judge in her area of expertise in Oregon. For her to able to convince the population that she was better than her competition even though she was a woman is an amazing accomplishment. Each of these people had great trials that they overcame from their

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