Hispanic Health Promotion

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Obesity is one of the most prevalent diseases throughout the world. In the United States, it attempts to affect the Hispanic population. Health promotion can be considered significant in reducing the element of obesity among Hispanics and its elderly’s. There can be certain factors affecting the success of a health care initiative. This assignment focuses on exploring health promotion initiatives, the effectiveness of the initiative and discussing certain initiatives taken by different organizations. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Obesity is known and being overweight and is a disease prevalent among elderly Hispanics. Certain initiatives and interventions that can prevent or reduce the prevalence of obesity in elderly Hispanics.…show more content…
Barriers in communication is prevalent in the prevention of disease and other healthcare problems. The elderly Hispanics could be educated more on the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise (Obesity, 2018). Evidence- based practice has shown that many organizations and their partners have started to talk about and take away the barriers that hinder healthcare for Hispanics (Disparity in Care, 2018). Some of the examples of these organizations are Federal and state governments, Pharmaceutical companies and non-profit organizations. Their challenging work is training and continuing education as well as cultural competence. Making and circulating easily to read education in handouts, audio and video form. Establishing grants for health disparity programs and improvements. Research to determine the success of these efforts (Disparity in Care, 2018). Campaign One of the most significant element is to initiate a campaign which attempts to reduce the use of tobacco, cigarette, and alcohol. The proposed health promotion initiative can be considered significant in reducing obesity in the elderly population (Obesity, 2018). Nutritional and Dietary…show more content…
Outcomes revealed that health promotion initiatives are linked to the enhanced health status of the elderly in Hispanics. Cost of medical care is often too expensive for Hispanic population to afford. The National Hispanic Medical Association, a nonprofit association is working to close the gap in lowering healthcare. Lowering of healthcare could be a promotionally initiative for the elderly Hispanic population. The Association is pushing education and are working toward lower healthcare insurance for Hispanics. They recognize the need to close the language barrier (Bridging the Health-Care Ga,

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