Hiring and Firing

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Introduction Many issues surrounding the human resource department are crucial in effectively managing the workforce of an organization. In this regard, hiring and firing are critical. These two actions can be as a result of issues ranging from under-performance, breaching the terms and conditions of employment, or even lay-offs because of various company problems. However, they should always be done in a professional and a dignified way so as to maintain the organization's good standing. Concept 1 Hiring and firing are some of the most sensitive areas in human resource management worldwide. Due to their potential in affecting both the performance of other employees and the public image of a company, they should be handled with utmost care. According to the 'Lectric Law Library (2011), there are high chances of conflicts between an employer and an employee at the termination of a contract by an employer. Therefore, when an employee has to be fired, this should be done in a professional manner, with the authority doing the firing having involved human resource personnel. The employee should be provided with the reason for dismissal, and proper documentation of the termination should be made. Concept 2 It is should always be made clear to employees on what terms and conditions they have been employed ('Lectric Law Library, 2011). Disagreements are likely to occur when a controversy emerges because of what seems to be unacceptable actions by either party. For example, the “work for hire” issue and the involvement of “non-compete” clause before expiry of a certain stipulated period of time are likely triggers of employer–employee squabbles if they are not well documented in the contract. Therefore, there is a need to have a we... ... middle of paper ... ... lessons that are provided in the bible. These lessons include those on justice, honesty, and faithfulness in all aspects of our work. References Keimig, C. (2008). Hiring and Firing Best Practices. What you need to know before making the decisions. Retrieved September 12, 2011, from http://www.remodeling.hw.net/hiring/hiring-and-firing-best-practices.aspx Moti, G. U. (2011). Human Resource Management (HRM) in the Global Perspective: Theory and Practice. Retrieved September 12, 2011, from http://abujanigeria.academia.edu/UKERTORMOTI/Papers/232502/Human_Resource_Management_HRM_in_the_Global_Perspective_Theory_and_Practice The 'Lectric Law Library. (2011). Hiring. Retrieved September 12, 2011, from http://www.lectlaw.com/files/emp24.htm The Holy Bible, New King James Version. (1982). Matthew 7:12 and Acts 5:1-10. USA: Thomas Nelson, Inc.
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