Explain How Hip Hop Music Changed From The 80's

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Hip-Hop’s Current Change from the 80’s Hip-hop music has changed over time. For example just the other day while heading to store with my friend a Migo’s song began to play. “Why do you like this song?” I asked my friend. He replied because of the beat. I think a lot of my friends would also say the same for much of Migo’s music, yet Migo’s are one of the most popular hip-hop artists out today. Similarly many hip-hop artist nowadays have a songs that sound comparably the same. In the beginning of ‘Do the Right Thing’ the song “Fight the Power” is playing. I believe the message of the song is to standup and fight for any injustice or oppression taking place. Fighting injustices was seen as great important especially coming out of the Black …show more content…

This means that if the artist skills were not developed enough there wouldn’t be a way that a rapper could get more appeal. Today rappers do not necessarily have get the approval of the audience. Technology has become much more advanced from the 80’s, so today’s hip-hop music wouldn’t need the vital skills of rappers from the 80’s. The internet easily allows a showcase for Hip-hop music is probably at it most highest popularity today. To quote Zack O’Malley from Forbes.com “(Less suprisingly is the fact that two white guys could put out a rap album adored by the mainstream—hip-hop is now just as much a part of pop music as any genre).” Hip-hop has branched over to many areas, even reaching a vast number of pop music fans. I think this a great achievement for hip-hop music. Unlike today’s phenomenal success of hip-hop music, the 80’s music didn’t have as much popularity. The 80’s hip-hop music steadily paved the way for current rap artist. Run-D.M.C rap style mixed with rock helped broaden hip-hop’s audience. Hip-hop was beginning to be brought to the forefront during the 80’s. Many rap artists had to start their own labels and provide their own sufficient means of producing songs. As a result of the success of rap artist, record companies and labels today are more acceptable of signing rap …show more content…

Drake has been given names such as soft and “draking”. He is also is Jewish and black. In addition he is emotional and sincere in his music. Drake’s music is not as violence and for this reason he isn’t given much respect for the seriousness of his music. On the same hand, LL Cool J’s “I need love” song once had him booed of stage. It seems as rappers are not allowed to express vulnerability or sensitivity in hip-hop music. Catchy music now of days is highly popular. Many have gained quick and easy success with catchy and materialistic songs. Rapper Souja-boy has had hits that are quite simple and seem to have been made with less effort than most rap songs from the 80’s. Trendy hip-hop music has made it easier to gain bigger and broader audiences. Hip-hop has begun to sound more popish. On the same token music artist of different genres are much willing to do features from rap artist. For example Jay-z and Linkin Park did an impressive feature called “Encore” that became a huge

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