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Hip-Hop’s Current Change from the 80’s
Hip-hop music has changed over time. For example just the other day while heading to store with my friend a Migo’s song began to play. “Why do you like this song?” I asked my friend. He replied because of the beat. I think a lot of my friends would also say the same for much of Migo’s music, yet Migo’s are one of the most popular hip-hop artists out today. Similarly many hip-hop artist nowadays have a songs that sound comparably the same.
In the beginning of ‘Do the Right Thing’ the song “Fight the Power” is playing. I believe the message of the song is to standup and fight for any injustice or oppression taking place. Fighting injustices was seen as great important especially coming out of the Black Panther era. Now of days song messages differ and hip hop has changed to be much more commercial. Furthermore political uses of hip-hop and lyrical content were much more important during the 80’s. This is in comparison to the more materialistic and more gangster style of hip-hop today.
For instance when I listen to the 80’s the hip-hop also known as new school rap , I notice the 80’s hip-hop has a more evident poetic form of music. The lyrics are well thought out and offer new perspectives to looking at issues. “Kool Herc was widely credited as the father of modern rapping for his spoken interjections….jailhouse toasts (long rhyming poems recounting outlandish deeds and misdeeds) and dozens ( ritualized word games..).”(Hip-Hop Encyclopaedia Bitannicica (2013). Practicing dozens and jail house toast helped better a rappers rhyming, wordplay, and rhythm skills. For this reason I believe lyrical skills and the topic of the 80’s music are superior to music of today.
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.... Reality television has made hip-hop artist appear unprofessional. Shows such as Love & Hip-hop give a bad look on the hip-hop’s entertainment business and many artist professional lives. The decade of today’s music involves derogatory etiquettes, materialism, advertising of violence and sex.
In essence hip-hop music has significantly changed from the 80’s to currently. Many areas of hip-hip has evolved to be more trendier. While hip-hip at the same time has gained much more popularity and a broader audience. In addition lyrical elements previously from the past have declined. This decline of these missing elements I believe will make hip-hop become less appealing in the near future. Many young adults and teens will yearn for more substance in lyrics and less violence. To sum it all up the 80’s was the pioneer for rap music. Hip-hop has greatly changed over time.
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