Understanding the Essence of Hip Hop

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Did anyone ever wonder what Hip Hop is? Is it music? Is it hopping? Hip hop can be music but not hopping. Besides being music, hip hop is a type of dance, but it is not that popular anymore. People focus more on ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical these days. Hip hop is nothing like those type of dances. It started in the Bronx, which is New York City in the mid seventies. It soon spread throughout the world, but got lost with all the technology that is getting created. At least Hip hop is still in some people. What is Hip Hop? Hip hop is a form of dance that lets people express themselves. It is also a fast and energetic type of dance. When dancing hip hop, people need be sharp with all of their movements. Most hip hop dancers use rap music to dance. Not to mention, rap music is usually fast and energetic. For example, a quote from the text of “DJ Renegade on the History of Hip-Hop” says,” New steps were created at a fast-pace and the vocabulary continues to grow.” This excerpt shows that new moves are getting created really fast and the names of the moves continue to grow. What do people wear when they are dancing hip hop? When dancing hip hop people usually wear outfits that they can move around in, without making themselves stiff. Some people look like their clothes do not fit them because they could have an oversized t-shirt, or …show more content…

For instance, ballet. They are different because callet is stiff and hip hop is loose. The music for hip hop is usually rap, which is fast and energetic. The music that ballerinas dance to is slow and relaxing. Additionally, even though the two types of dances have differences, there are still some similarities. One similarity is that both of the dances take time to master. A quote from the text of “Dance Off” says,”Training to become a ballet dancer takes years of intense study.” The quote shows that, even though it only says ballet, they take a lot of time to

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