Analysis Of Hip Hop Culture

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Hip Hop culture has been the same throughout the years, such as expressing themselves, in their songs there are always themes and hinted quotes they tell their audiences on how they feel or what they did. Also in Hip Hop one of the biggest stereotypes is selling drugs. The film Notorious displays, what Hip Hop Culture is, such as rapping to express themselves and portrayal of drugs. The film Notorious starts with scene in La, California, this is where most African American artist start their career at example NWA, where Biggie is about to be killed. Before the shooting occurs, the film flashes back to Biggie 's childhood. When Biggie was a child, he lived it by being obsessed with money and fine jewelry. In order to achieve, such money he ends up selling drugs. He continues to sells drugs, and when he hears his girlfriend, Jan Jackson, was pregnant he takes drug dealing to a new level. Later in the movie he faced jail time because he was caught selling drugs. He continues to sell drugs but started to rap, this is when his career…show more content…
The quote " .. hip-hop is successful because the music is “infectious” and because it allows people to express themselves.."(Walker). From this quote we can analyze it and say that the rap is an art form that allows oneself to express their feeling about the world or express their own feelings, etc. We can than connect the film to this quote to the film Notorious, for example the rivalry between Biggie Smalls and Tupac. We notice that they use rap in order to express how they feel about each through a rap battle, and from the quote by the author Carolee Walker, these two rappers use their rapping skills to show how they feel towards one another. This theme reoccurs throughout every rappers career, whether its dissing one another through a song or its expressing how they feel about a certain someone

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