Gangster Rap: A Subgenre Of Hip Hop Music

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Hip hop has so many subgenres that preach different messages to the listeners. Artists are inspired to sing according to what they experienced when growing up, or what they thought should be done to address a particular issue. Hip hop is a genre marked by the fusion of beats and rhythms; it began as the product of insignificant, inner city blacks. Hip hop music is also known as hip hop, rap music, is a music consisting stylized rhythmic music that usually comes with rapping, rhyming speech that is chanted. Hip hop music is formed as part of hip hop culture, which is subdivided into four aspects: rapping, scratching, break dancing, and graffiti writing, other element includes sampling and beat boxing. In 1970, this popular music…show more content…
Gangster rap is a subgenre of hip hop that often centered on the troubled lifestyles and poor condition of inner-city youths, ghetto boys are artists most regularly known with the founding of gangster rap. It also exposes the illegal activities of street gangs and thug lifestyle. Gangster was criticized left and right from commentators, as well as religious leaders, saying it encourages crime, murder, serial killing, violence, drug dealing etc. the music became one of the best commercial lucrative subgenre of hip hop. The government that is white house administration of George H.W Bush and Bill Clinton was against gangster, gangster artist was not happy that are singled out and that is not fair to them because they are using their song as a means of getting public to know the changes that the community needs and is not been addressed in the public forum. Journalist chuck Philips make it known in a review of the battle between the establishment and defender of a rap music, that white politicians never budge to know anything happening in the devastated community where gangster was given birth to. Gangster that started in a rural area became a means of exposing critical issues that are not solved or discussed in American politics. Sister Souljah told Philip the journalist that the problem is that the white house administration does not want to deal with inner city urban…show more content…
It is subgenre that tests the ruling cultural, political, philosophical, and economic agreement. Political hip hop often interfere with conscious hip hop and the two terms are used mutually. However, conscious hip hop is not really openly political; instead discuss social matters and conflict. Religion aversion of crime, and violence, culture, the economic, or simple depiction the struggle of ordinary people are focus of conscious hip hop. Conscious hip hop helps public to know the social problems and to make their own decision without been forced to take actions that they can make on their own. “How we gonna make the black nation rise?” by brother D. was the first social conscious hip hop song, grandmaster “the message” reflect much of political and conscious hip hop track, tells the poverty, violence and dead end lives of the community poor time. Some of the artists of conscious hip hop are Mos Def, Talib Kweli

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