Hindu Temple Essay

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Hello and welcome to the new Hindu Temple. I will be your tour guide today. Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in today’s world practiced by most Indians. Hinduism was composed of many different beliefs and traditions gathered from tribal and ethnic groups. The birth of Hinduism can be dated back to the early writings of the sacred texts from the book of the Vedas composed between 1500 and 900 BCE. Santa Dharma is a phrase that is used quite often to describe the Hindu religion. That phrase translates to “Eternal Sacred Duty”. In 1947 India won its independence from the colonial rule of Great Britain. Sadly this is the time that the Hindus and Muslims conflict reached its zenith. They resolved the issue by dividing the country in two: India, which is mainly Hindu; and Pakistan, which became a Muslim state. There are seven main features that characterize Hinduism. Those are; acceptance and reverence for the Vedas, a spirit of tolerance, belief in vast cosmic periods of creation and destruction, belief in reincarnation, recognition of multiple paths to salvation and truth, polytheism, and philosophical flexibility. The Supreme Court adopted all of those in 1966. Other religions like Christianity and Muslim go to church and…show more content…
There is a lot to learn about Hinduism and even other religions. Hindus ultimately believe in one god, Brahman. There are also other gods that are nevertheless apart of Brahman that people still worship. They also believe that fate directly influences people’s lives and they are controlled by a caste system that has recently not been as harsh or restrictive as it has been thousands of years ago. Hindus believe people are reincarnated after they die and continue this cycle of birth and rebirth until they can achieve Moksha. Moksha is jumping off the wheel of birth and rebirth and consists of complete oneness with Brahman. Thank you for visiting the Hindu Temple and we hope to see you here again
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