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Hinduism is considered as the oldest and world’s third largest religion. It is a monotheistic religion. The name Hinduism has originated from a Persian word which connects with the sindhu or Indus River in northwest India. Muslim invaders, such as Persians, Arabs, and Afghans from the west started to use the word Hindu for the first time in fourteenth century. Hinduism refers to the people and culture of India as Hindu. Adding of “ism” designates the beliefs and practices of the people called Hindu. The other name which is used for Hinduism include “Santana dharma” basically means everlasting law and Vaidika dharma mean religion of Vedas. Hinduism is extreme in most part of India. This religion does not have a founder or date of origin like other religions do. They have 330 gods but they believe that their god is Brahman and these 330 gods are the representation of Brahman in different ways so, it is not considered as a polytheist religion. This religion is also called as the religion of freedom due to the widest freedom in faith and worship and they do not have to focus on any sets of doctrines. The various aspects of Hinduism can be further discussed through the history, background, setting, beliefs, contributions that Hindus gave and relation of Hinduism to the western civilization.
Hinduism has been originated from the Dravidian people’s religious practice. Archeologist has found out elaborate plumbing, and irrigation systems from the cities of Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, dholavira and other sites and the culture which they were practices is labeled as Indus valley civilization. The name Indus valley civilization has took place because Indo-Aryans has grew up along a river which served as water source and a major water transport. ...

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...he changes and the contribution which Hindus brought up has cause better and it also have some worst side. The western Hindus have believe in Hinduism but they don’t most of the traditions or beliefs which need to practiced. It can result in a decrease in the value of Hinduism. The worst part is westerners just used a half part of Hinduism but they didn’t used the full part so it is gradually losing its respect and pleasure. The contributions that Hinduism has given to this world has changed this world in many ways. In education level Hinduism helped to change the field of mathematics upside down by inventing zero. The other way which Hinduism helped the world is by inventing medicine and several theories. Yoga and Ayurveda are the most important part which should be listed under the betterment which Hinduism. There are so many who depends upon Ayurveda now.
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