High School Reflection

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Many people think that high school has no effect on your life in the future, but whether or not you were tardy to class everyday could be the reason that you do or don 't get a job. High school is the starting grounds of your life. It has a domino effect on your whole future. If you acquire good grades, you have a better chance of getting into a good college. With a college degree, job opportunities are on every corner. Yes, it is possible to be successful without getting a job, but it is a very hard feat. All in all, high school is the building blocks to a successful life. There are many steps to be taken to find and keep a job, as well as what to do after you have a stable job with incoming money.

Employers look all the way back to high school transactions when debating if they should hire you. While this record of you may only be slightly taken into account, the interview that you have with your potential
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Résumés should make you look the best that you can without lying. If you don 't know what should be on yours, find help. Build yourself up on this piece of paper. List your strengths but also know your weaknesses. Resumes give employers a look into your schooling, experience, skills, and achievements. Make yours informative, honest, and positive. Most likely the main part of the interview is the actual talking part. You want to portray yourself in the best possible way. Don 't be afraid to smile, even if you 're nervous. Eye contact is also a positive gesture. Try to do away with any nervous or annoying habits, even if just for this time period. And while tips are useful, experience and practice are very helpful when going into situations like this. Th more practice you have, the less nervous you will be. At the end of an interview, you should always ask questions, even if it is something simple. When you ask you prospective employer questions, they will know that you are interested in the
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