Heros Journey In The Hero's Journey

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After years of being told various stories in your lifetime you’ll start to see a pattern. Stories will repeat or be similar to others, known as archetypes. Joseph Campbell is the creator of monomyth also known for his work in comparative mythology and comparative religion. The Hero’s Adventures by Campbell focuses on the monomyth or hero’s journey. In the hero’s journey, the hero needs to be an antagonistic to its ego then reconcile the problems through the psychological transformation. Campbell describes the monomyth as an idea of a cycle that consists of departure, initiation, and return. The cycle will lead to the death of one’s old self because one will go through the psychological transformation and leave their old life to become a “richer or mature condition” (Campbell 87), following a metamorphosis. This will eventually lead to a hero receiving a boon at the end of its psychological transformation. Campbell’s monomyth is like riding your first roller coaster. At first the ride may seem very scary and you might refuse to get on it. Your friends will insist for you to get on it and eventually you’ll be convinced. When you step into the seat of the roller coaster you have left the known and entered the unknown. The ride will start pretty slow and test you by making many turns and then perceiving a huge cliff for the final trial which is the major drop. The drop will feel as if your heart was left behind while your body sped away. You would think the drop was the end of the ride, but it was just the beginning. You will then experience a loop that will flip you upside down with the continuation of speedy curves. The ride will soon come to an end and slow down. This is when you’ll realize how much fun the ride was and might refus... ... middle of paper ... ...nclusion, the epic poems do follow Campbell's monomyth because all the hero’s end up following the steps of departure, initiation and return becoming more aware of challenges as shown in The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Iliad, and The Odyssey. Campbell’s monomyth is related to the roller coaster analogy because just as the heroes are unaware of what they are getting themselves into, when you ride your first roller coaster you really don’t know how it will feel until you ride it. You’ll end up discover new things about yourself which you might have been ignorant of during the hero's adventure and ended up becoming masters of the two worlds just like the heros in these epic poems. The epic poems all follow Campbell’s monomyth and go through a psychological transformation because they go through a process that improves their consciousness becoming better and improved heroes.
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