Herodotus: Cultural Tolerance In Herodous The Histories

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Herodotus: Cultural Tolerance In Herodotus’ The Histories, he tours the ancient middle-east and Mediterranean areas and documents descriptions of battles, accounts of anecdotes, and expositions of culture. Herodotus is often noted as the ‘Father of History’ because his work is often referred to as the first written record of events. He is often cited for imploring cultural relativity, a way of thinking often implored by modern historians. The traditional definition holds that ethical and moral standards are relative to what a particular society or culture believes to be good or bad, right or wrong. Herodotus practices tolerance, in his writing, more than cultural relativism because, while attempting to write as objectively as possible, as a modern historian would, he does not agree with each facet of a culture as if he were part of that society. He views each culture in its own light first. Herodotus looks, not to agree with a culture, but to understand it. He will, however comment on a particular custom if he is acquainted enough with the culture that he feels he may reliably reflect rather than objectively report on it. A native of…show more content…
(I.Preface) He encounters a wealth of information to document which he selects and organizes as an objective portrait of past events and cultures. However, Herodotus writes on cultures from a different type of relativism as he enquires upon cultures he has well-experienced and finds customs he agrees with, finds disgraceful, or accepts. He first writes about a culture as objectively as possible, listing and describing distinct facets of it. As a native Greek, Herodotus formulates his opinions as he is conditioned on the Grecian moral code. His natural instinct is to reflect on a particular custom in relation to what the status quo is in his Greek culture. This is demonstrated by the Herodotus’ retelling of Darius’ social

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