Blue Light Acne Treatment

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Blue light acne treatment has become a well known option for the people whose acne refuses to go even under different ointments and medications. This therapy not only gentle on the skin but is also non-invasive when used alone or as part of any laser therapy. This treatment involves the use of high density and a narrow band of blue light to treat mild to moderate acne. When this treatment is used for treating the acne, the blue light rays kills the acne causing bacteria from inside the oil producing glands and stop the breakouts. The blue light acne treatment can be given alone through several systems that are available in the medical market or in combination with a topical photosensitizing solution along with a laser therapy for the same. The blue light acne treatments are relatively quicker and easier than the other acne treatments. During this treatment, the patients either have to sit or lie down while a light source is placed close to their face for about 20 to 30 minutes. Almost all patients do not experience pain or any discomfort during the exposure to the light rays and can get back to their normal daily routine immediately after a blue light ray therapy session. The blue light treatment sessions are usually repeated for a several weeks in equal intervals until the required results are achieved. Some patients experience the improvement on their skin for several months. But maintenance treatments are suggested to continue the results. The number of times the treatment is needed depends on the severity of your acne. The people who undergo blue light acne treatment also have to apply the topical solutions like Levulan to their skin for 15-60 minutes before they are exposed to light. When this solution is used bef... ... middle of paper ... ...ective results while others see minor or temporary clearing. Generally, the best and effective treatments in the best of conditions results in only 50% reduction in acne. That is why, skin specialists are looking for and are trying combined treatments which can prove effective and help the skin stay clear longer. Using topical 5-animolevulinic acid or ALA before the blue light acne treatment is being considered more and more as this makes the skin more resistant to light, thus making the blue light therapy more effective in killing the bacteria on the skin which cause acne. This acid does have more side effects than the blue light therapy used alone. It could cause hair follicles to swell. The patients who are treated with ALA along with the blue light treatment are advised to use sunscreen with 50 spf to make the treatment effective and reduce the side effects.

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