Laser Treatment

Laser is an acronym used for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser treatment is a procedure used to cure skin problems with a strong beam of light. Experienced cosmetologists and dermatologists use this new technology to cure many ailments. Side effects of laser treatment: Several side effects can be experienced with acne blemish laser treatment like irritation, redness and swelling on the affected areas. These side effects persist only for a few hours or a day. In certain cases of laser therapy that cures the pimple scars can lead to pigmentation changes. How it is done? In this treatment, two types of laser beams are utilized. First is an erbium YAG laser and the other is a carbon dioxide laser. YAG laser was used earlier which is now replaced by the modern type carbon dioxide laser. The beam of laser kills the bacteria causing acne and burns the skin cells that lead to the formation of scars. With the laser treatment, the operation of sebaceous glands producing sebum is retarded. Sebum is oily substance that leads to acne formation. During the laser therapy, cooling sprays are used by the dermatologists to relieve the burning sensation that is caused by the strong beam of laser. Each session of treatment takes about 15-2 minutes. You may require 8-15 sessions of treatment. The number of treatment sessions required depends on the nature of the patient’s skin and the severity of the acne scars. Fresh skin appears once the scarred skin is burnt. Pros of laser treatment: This treatment is considered to be effective for the removal of acne scars. This avoids the use of taking medicines and applying ointments. However, the treatment must be done by an experienced and specially traine... ... middle of paper ... ...e: • The eye problem like glaucoma can be treated effectively with laser therapy. • It is also used in eye surgery that eliminates the use of glasses. • This therapy is used in dentistry for treating gum diseases, tooth decay and for teeth whitening. • It is used for the treatment of arthritis and also for treating the back pain, shoulder pain and knee pain. • This therapy helps in the removal of kidney stones and tumors. • It also helps in preventing heart disease and stroke by cleaning plaque in the arteries. Laser therapy has been accepted widely by the general public and the medical professionals for its extensive benefits. This therapy precisely targets the affected area, minimizes the use of general anesthesia, encourages shorter hospital stay and improves the patient outcomes. These benefits have lead to its increased use and importance worldwide.

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