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Reflection Essay
The main experience I have has as a helper deal with children. I was originally a speech language pathologist major. I did clinical work with children to help them with communication and behavior disorders. I have also done volunteer work at various community centers working with children in after school programs. I worked at a church daycare for a short time as a Sunday school teacher and assistant. I have also been a part of several campus organizations that were service and leadership centered. These experiences in the simplest way of putting it prepared me for a role in service. Being a helper has been central to my entire life. Very frequently, even in my personal life, that role has been my position in relationships with others. It only made sense to expand upon it in a professional career. My ultimate goal with college students is to empower students when I help them. I have worked with kids at various developmental stages so I understand the impact of early years and the importance of shaping experience for people. I also understand the importance background plays in success and how to utilize that as a benefit rather than a deficit.

From the beginning of the semester to now my view on helping and student affairs as a whole has changed drastically. The exposure I received through my …show more content…

Helpers are no longer one dimensional in my mind. I now realize a helper can be anyone who has the skills, empathy, and ability to listen. This person will not be able to solve every problem but they should be a resource to connect a student with others that can. A helper in the most basic way can just be an ear to listen for a student. Student affairs professional represent the frontline of defense for student success. We are the back bone driving students from day one regardless of our different respective positions we are all there to help

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