Heaven And Hell

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Heaven and Hell

Everyone has a soul. Every soul has a destiny. In the Bible, God explains that every soul will be judged. God warns mankind that during judgment we will receive a one-way ticket to eternity. The Bible also teaches us that during this life we have two choices. We are granted free will to serve and honor God through Jesus Christ who is in Heaven, or we are free moral agents to choose Satan who will reside in Hell. Heaven is good. Hell is evil. The fact that God created mankind’s soul with an eternal destiny should have a significant impact on our choices and priorities. The benefits and splendor of Heaven are greater than the punishments and tortures of Hell.

The Bible describes Hell as a place of darkness, a lake of fire and brimstone. Matthew 25:41, describes Hell as a pit of fire that is prepared for Satan the devil, his demonic cohorts, and the other souls that chose to serve him during the trials of life on earth. The citizens of Hell will be populated with the souls of those who died without accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. These souls will experience the nashing of teeth, endless pain from the tortureous fire, and ultimately eternal death. The citizens of Hell will not reunite with God`s presence. The Bible states in Luke 16:19-28, that souls cannot pass from Hell to Heaven or vice versa. Fire is not the only form of eternal punishment. Eternal thirst and great pain are other forms of punishment that will be experienced by the citizens of Hell. Christians believe that the souls in Hell will be able to see the souls that are in Heaven and vice versa. The souls in Hell simply chose a life of sin, non-repentance, and rebellion against God Word. Revelations 20:12-15, states the following: "And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for aeons of aeons."

Once upon a time. Satan the devil was an Angel. Some say that his former position in Heaven was equivalent to a modern day Choir Director. Satan was in charge of leading the praise and worship to God. Satan became greedy for power and led a rebellion to over throw God. Satan was relieved of his duties, and dis-fellowshipped from the Angelic ranks.
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