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Title of Essay/Essay Topic: I. Introduction Paragraph (You should have an idea of your hook, bridge and lastly your thesis statement as Letter C.) A. Diseases and health issues have been present along all human history. From the beginning, the lack of knowledge has been influencing the likelihood of developing these issues. Even if many diseases had been eradicated due to the increase of health education and research, there are “silent” diseases affecting the population of the present days. Hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are the current problems that the vast majority do not consider as critic. However, these and some other diseases are currently the cause of most deaths among the population B. These diseases are directly related to the nutritional value of food. Junk food is taking the life of many, and the most important part of the issue is that people do not know what kind…show more content…
Products with non, or minimal nutritional value, should have warning labels. These labels could potentially contribute to increase the awareness of a healthy nutrition, reduce the consumption of high-calorie and sugar products, and reduce obesity. II. Body Paragraph One/Topic or Main Idea: Increase awareness of healthy nutrition. A. When talking about health, if people is able to visualize what is good (healthy) and what is bad for health, they will choose the option that does not harm them. B. People should become aware of the link between healthy food and a better life. It is important to show the benefits of a healthy diet. C. On the other hand, it is important to state the link between junk food and obesity, and the likelihood of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. D. When labeling food, it is critical to do it in a way that everybody can understand the actual content of food. Therefore, people will be able to choose the healthiest option. III. Body Paragraph Two/Topic or Main Idea: Reduce consumption of high-calorie and sugar

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