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In recent years, research has established that there is a growing prevalence of dementia among people aged 65 years and above. A study by Prince, Prina and Guerchet (2013), established that the global prevalence of dementia has been increasing at a rate of 7%, especially among the adults who were aged over 60 years old. Research has also shown that a great number of the minority communities especially those of immigrants are having a high incidence of Alzheimer's disease. Similarly, high incidence has also been seen in Caucasian people. In this same study, Native Americans showed to have lower rates of the Alzheimer disease compared to the whites (Anderson & Egge, 2014).
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The article on “Expanding efforts to address Alzheimer’s disease: The Healthy Brain Initiative,” provided information on how dementia can be prevented. Through the article, I was able to employ such methods collaborating with the public health departments within the community. The other articles also provided me with insightful points which were very instrumental in formulating the health promotion project.
In this health promotion project, different approaches of health promotion were used. These approaches were guided by the information contained in the articles and they included; medical approach, educational and social change approach. In the medical approach, I focused on reducing the rate at which people were developing dementia. This will be done through examination of the order people above 60 years to determine how many of them were experiencing the problem and whether they were aware or not. Educational approach will also be used where people who will be diagnosed with dementia will be educated on how to cope with the disease. Other individuals will also be educated on how to recognize the disease and seek treatment once diagnosed with it. Social change approach will also be used particularly for the community with an aim of changing their perception towards

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