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Lifestyle choices play a crucial role in the health of people as the

decisions made about certain behaviours can be one of the most important

factors influencing the likelihood of ill health and premature death. This

essay will discuss some of the detrimental effects that poor nutritional

intake and alcohol consumption have on health and how they prevent a person

from reaching their best level of health in relation to the dimensions of

health and wellness proposed by Donatelle (2011). In addition, two health

promotion and health education strategies will be applied to the lifestyle

behaviours with an explanation for their relevancy to the lifestyles. The

definitions of health and wellness have been redefined over time as people

become more aware of how they view, approach, and behave, so that good

health can be achieved. There are numerous health models that seek to

understand and predict health behaviours, for example, one Maori holistic

health model is Te Whare Tapa Whā, (New Zealand Government, 2011), that

views health as having four parts, (the walls of a marae), family,

physical, mental, and spiritual health, which are necessary to maintain the

structure, (a person). The model of health and wellness identified by

Donatelle (2011), contains six interdependent dimensions which are

physical, social, intellectual, emotional, environmental, and spiritual

health. Physical health involves taking into account features such as how

the body operates in relation to its functions, physical attributes and

fitness levels, being able to undertake standard everyday living duties,

awareness and reaction to surroundings with respect to the senses, the

likelihood of developing a medical condition, and how well the body he...

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