Head injuries in the National Football League

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Head injuries in the National Football League In recent stories local retired NFL player Junior Seau suffered many head injuries while playing in the NFL. Well known and loved in all surrounding San Diego communities had committed suicide in 2012. Coming upon the 2 year anniversary of his passing people still wonder what exactly did it to him. The problems of head injuries in the NFL is they are always occurring. In 2010 over 154 head injuries happened in practices and or games, but in 2007 the NFL had released a pamphlet to the players about head injuries. since then the NFL has taken many different safety precautions to fix the recurring problem. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy also known as CTE had been discovered in a deceased football player. Other ex-NFL players who played who had sustained head injuries from repetitive have issue still with them for the rest of their lives. Such as depression, dementia, Mental Illness, and possibly death or paralysis. there really isn’t ways eliminate head injuries unless their is a no contact rule in the NFL or the NFL gets abolished. even with the advances in technology and equipment getting better it still will happen. But some players don't only suffer the injuries from the NFL but from playing pop-warner, high school, college, the progressing to the NFL. Not only are the athletes involved but the families. Because the families are going to be the ones to deal with the injuries of the victim. Con Section Recent issues with the NFL not doing enough with head injuries has become a top news issue. the NFL has had several class action lawsuits against them. From several different head injuries that you can get, the post NFL injury is a very rough thing to deal with. Some say the ... ... middle of paper ... ...ed like an air ride truck the air padding inside the helmets keep the players safer. The NFL has implemented a lot of new rule changes that have tremendously helped with player safety. Like head to head contact isn't allowed as much anymore. If players commit the "crime" either they can be fined money, penalized during the game, or suspended if they are reoccurring offenders.the NFL is trying to get away from a lot of the head to head contact and stop being known. Some could say the NFL is almost a circus these players do so much and don’t always get a lot in return the NFL is concerned with the revenue and not always the player safety. The Nfl try's and does the most they can. There will never be a way not to have head injuries because its just a way of life, the players should know what they are getting themselves into. Endless legal agreements

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