Common Injuries In Football

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Injuries in Football There are a lot of different injuries in football that can hurt the human body. We love the sport so we keep playing it for the love we have for the game. There are ways that people are training young kids to help prevent the risk of injury. Studies show that football can not only disable you for life, but can also give you a greater risk of injury when you’re older. Concussions are one of the most common injuries in football. This is where you take a blow to the head that causes the brain to bruise. (WebMD) There has been research and testing helmet products that will help the helmets protect the head better. The NFL has made new rules that if you go for the head when talking you will be fined and a penalty. (NFL) When they made that rule, there were a lot of …show more content…

One for example is the 49res linebacker Chris Borland, he has retired from football as a rookie and at the age of 24, because of his concerns about long term effects of head trauma. (espn.go) He did this because of his remodel But Turner has been in a wheel chair because of all the concussions he has had by playing football. But Turner now needs a commuter to communicate. He knows that he could be disabled for life so he doesn’t play anymore. So he said "I just honestly want to do what's best for my health." (Chris Borland) Some of the season ending injuries is the torn ACL or torn MCL. These are common injuries in all sports. If you feel a pop or snap in your knee you most likely have torn your ACL. When you tear your MCL you will fill like an elastic band has snapped and went right down your leg. (Ryle Pirce) when you get one of these injuries your leg will have to take over one year to be fully recovered or able to at least play sports without any bothering to the knee. (WebMD) But because they can fix the ligament it will not have an effect on you when you get

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