Harley Davidson Case Study

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Harley Davidson had shown and brought great accomplishments to the table in its history as a very notable motorcycle manufacturer, wholesaler, and reproducer since the early 1900’s. In the early years of its time, the market accounted for 70% of all bikes sold that were bought from Harley Davidson. During the 1960’s, the invasion of Honda started to take its toll on the market of Harley Davidson here in the United States. Honda instituted a strategy that focused the approach directly on the new customer satisfaction toward a new customer. This would lead to multiple reactions, different motorcycles being made, and lastly a whole new way of marketing towards the customers’ demand and target market. With a new tariff law being passed on Japanese motorcycles, and acquiring a new leader named Vaughan Beals, from MIT’s Aeronautical Engineering School, meant taking a lead role in restoring confidence and quality in its products. With confidence being restored, Harley Davidson had asked that congress remove the tariff barriers more than a year earlier than originally planned. They believed their company could now compete with the Japanese head to head. With success, came many inevitable feats such as full potential not being realized, having more of a demand than what was being outputted, setting high goals, expanding to the international market, following your own path and not following the competition.

In the very early days of the beginning of Harley Davidson in the 1900’s, came a great movement of people wanting to buy and ride motorcycles. This era was a big success for the Harley brand of motorcycles due to records being set, having a notable product be used by most of America, therefore being recognized by most of Ame...

... middle of paper ... of loyal customers dedicated to the Harley Davidson brand. With the expansion of other manufacturer’s like the Japanese manufacturer who introduced a more efficient, small, and fast bike which would be more economical to most people, led to the demise of Harley Davidson for some years; which led the company to introduce and figure out new ways of advertising and generating sales. This was a great jumpstart into what the present day look of Harley Davidson entails to all. Creating a product which would be beneficial to the whole target market of motorcycle enthusiasts is very crucial. Knowing the niche market, and meeting the demand for all is what can entail a successful or non successful company. In implementing, evaluating, and controlling the environment for which you are selling your product and merchandise creates a great way to generate sales.
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