Hard To Get: Twenty-Something Women And The Paradox Of Sexual Freedom By Leslie Bell Analysis

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Choices and types of lifestyle a person chooses help to create a person 's identity. However when the choices and the lifestyle chosen are affected by the various forces, it can create fake identity of that person. In “Selections from “Hard to Get: Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom,” the author Leslie Bell insist that pressure from society and family create a complex situation for young women where they are forced to divide their choices and choose a lifestyle. The author writes about the the uncertainty and lost identities of young women 's. Identity is a complex issue which can be divided into two parts; one being given identity and real identity. Given identity is best described by race,gender,family and all the other…show more content…
Bell while talking about a Jayanthi, a bad girl who wanted to break all the barrier of her family 's culture, writes that “Particularly for women with fragile sense of self, the bad-girl strategy seemed to provide a strong identity. At the same time, it ostensibly protected women from losing track of their identities in a relationship by never investing in one emotionally. But rather than feeling strong and protected, some bad girls were left feeling alone and vulnerable.”(31) . Jayanthi choose to be a bad girl because she felt free and independent while breaking the rules. She didn’t broke the rules because she wanted to but she did it to show that she can do all the bad things; Bell writes that jayantee was tired of all the expectation, jayantee said regarding the expectation “ I’m just gonna break them. So i just broke them. So i ended up really going crazy...I was just like,” I don’t want to be the poster child, so the other extreme is this.”’(33). This kind of actions lead to anxiety and…show more content…
a person can be good but still can enjoy some bad actions. Bell after analyzing her interview with Alicia writes that “ Alicia was able to be a good girl but still play with sexuality with men to whom she wasn’t close...She was very comfortable flirting. When it came to men she was not close, Alicia was able to play with attractiveness and sexuality..This seemed safer to her than sexually focused interactions with men to whom she was close.”(40-41). Similarly the bad girls also can stay bad girl with making some good choices. Bell writes that“Jayanthi’s strategies shifted from being a bad girl who was “ up for anything” to being a bad girl who was in control. She began to use men for sex and became the player herself, by which she meant being a smooth talker, acting and talking as though she cared about the men with whom she involved
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