Physical Development Case Study

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Once a child hits the age of ten, he or she has started to enter adolescence due to the fact that they are about to go through puberty, no matter if they enter it late or right at ten, it depends on the genes of the individual. Some children do not completely enter adolescence until much older. Children always worry about their body image, especially females, some have trouble accepting it, some accept it too well, a child needs parental guidance through puberty so he or she is not confused, this guidance will also help the child grow into a respectful adult. This paper will have a case study about a female going through physical changes, the effects of those changes, her sexuality, relationships, and self-concept. It will also discuss her culture. Description of Character/Physical Development Mae is a female that just celebrated her 12th birthday, she is a late bloomer into adolescence as she has just hit puberty, she is skinny, but not too skinny,…show more content…
According to Berk (2010), teenagers attempt to be nicer, friendlier, and cooperative so that others will have a positive outlook on them (pgph 8, p. 402). This does not mean they are always this way, obviously they will have temper flares, especially during certain times of the month for females and socially for males. Mae is being raised this way and has always had a nice personality, always respects people, however, now that she is an adolescent, this personality is changing. The hormones in her physical development are making her meaner, rude to certain people including siblings, parents, other family members, and people she has been friends with for years. This can push people away, which is why teenagers try their best to keep their former personalities, if they do not, it can lead to bad habits, no support system, harming one’s self, or
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