Happiness Is From The Internal

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Fashion, success, reputation, and material goods are what drive the men and women of the fashion industries. They will do anything to make their success. In the movie The Devil Wears Prada, the protagonist, Andrea, landed in New York City as an assistant for the chief editor of Runway, a fashion magazine. Andrea demonstrated a full process from rags to riches. As she got more and more into her job, she found out that this was not what she really wanted. People may pursue power, reputation, and material goods; however, if people have to give up their souls, their lives, their dreams, and their loved ones in return, choosing to be ordinary may improve their lives.
Andrea was a very ordinary woman as most women go. She got the job as an assistant for the chief editor, Miranda, of Runway magazine. Andrea was invisible being in the Runway office; she made fun of the Runway girls and could not get along with them as well. The Runway girls who she called “Clackers” made jokes about Andrea because of her out-of-fashion dresses. She was told that she was the worst assistant Miranda had hired. She decided to quit her job, but her mind didn’t let her. She thought she could get a job in whatever magazine she wanted after one year working with Miranda, and this was the reason for her to stay. However, this turns out to be a turning point of her entire life. She was changing from rags to riches and defeated all the impossible missions that her devil boss had given to her. She got her evil boss to confirm her ability. However, her success did not make her happy; her friends and her boyfriend left her because of her changes. After Andrea accidentally saw Miranda with all her glory off, as only a woman with another divorce, Andrea was lost to...

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...t she done to her boyfriend and friends, but also because of what she had done was betrayed her original purpose of being the assistant. Compare to the life long friends, family, happiness, loved ones, and especially dreams, the success, the power, and the reputation are just as a moment of morning glory. It comes along with admired and approval, but it does not last long. Thinking about Andrea, she had the material goods, powers, and the admired from her boss, but she is not happy. So does Miranda, who got her success.If people should give up so much for getting their success, being ordinary may be their best choice.

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