Happiness is good life

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We might not have the same opinions, paths, and ways of living; but we all, millions of people around the world, share the same purpose of life: Being able to say “I am having a good life!” What we mean by “good life” is living in pure happiness and having a wonderful peace of mind. The difference between us is that each one of us chooses a different way in his pursuit of happiness. Some find it in stability with a big house, a family, and a good paying job. Some find it in adventure and wildness, travel, and taking risks. While others don’t really have specific criteria or an organized plan, they just believe that happiness comes with living each day as if it was the last, with no worries about the rest. Personally, I find it in trying to be the best version of myself, in staying true to my principles, and in the same time in being able to make my own decisions; which reminds me of what George Loewenstein said “Just because we figure out that X makes people happy and they're choosing Y, we don't want to impose X on them.” Charles Bukowski once said in one of his letters “Find what you love, and let it kill you.” I strongly disagree with that. As a matter of fact, the greatest pleasure in life is being able to recognize what we really love and get to know how to live with it. Passions and dreams are what identifies our existence. If we were able to find them and concentrate on fulfilling them, we would realize that they are the only things that are worth living for. For instance, we probably can notice how an artist is always happier than an employee. Two persons: One devotes himself to his art and passion, takes each day as a new opportunity to make his talent more perfect than the day before. And the other one who wears ea... ... middle of paper ... ...f being satisfied in life: There is no rule. Each individual has the right to look at things from his own point of view. We can all choose different paths and ways to fulfill our happiness. We can see it in wealth, in the dream-job, or in the people around us. As long as we choose that direction and take those decisions by ourselves, without being influenced by any external thought, happiness is inevitable. Here, I agree with Daniel Gilbert when he said “I don't think that's the problem. The problem is you can't always know what you want.” That is why the most important thing for happiness to be achieved is recognizing our wants and desires because just when we do, we will finally get to say “I am happy with my life!” Works Cited • Gertner, Jon. “The Futile Pursuit of Happiness”. The New York Times 7 September .2003. Print. • Bukowski, Charles. April 1998.
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