Hamlet Appearance Vs Reality Essay

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The Difference Between Characters Appearance vs. Reality
[Intro, thesis, 3 aspects,] Appearance is how someone is viewed on the outside, almost jumping to conclusions similar to stereotypes, whereas reality is who that person truly is. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet appearances versus reality is a common occurrence for example Gertrude questioning Hamlet “if it be, / Why seems it so particular with thee?” (1.2.74-75). Hamlet responds with “Seems, madam! Nay, it is; I know not ‘seems.’” (1.2.75). [explain] The thing that remains unchanged throughout the play is appearance versus reality. The main characters introduced to us throughout the play appear to be honorable and relatable, but in reality, they are disguising their plan. They deceitfully hide behind a mask of integrity. There are three main characters which have their appearances disguising their realities with honorability or blamelessness Hamlet, Claudius the king and Hamlets
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What wilt thou do for her?” (5.1.263-65) By then its too late, there’s is a saying that goes by “You don’t know what you love until you lose it.” Throughout Hamlet’s disguise of madness to make his plan appear tolerable or understandable to the public people that love him, which has made loving Ophelia his obstacle. Hamlet is not actually the coward that he is made out to be, after all Hamlet is consistently looking for motivation. The motivation that Hamlet occurs to seek is just his from of procrastination. After all Hamlet is sane and simply searching for the truth of the situation. Along with Hamlets search for the truth and is concerned of Denmark. Hamlet assumes a different persona when reacting to the already faked persona, Claudius is conveying, to appear superior and fit as Hamlet’s father figure which will be elaborated

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