Hamilton Vs West Side Story Essay

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From West Side Story to Hamilton- How Musicals have changed

Musicals, a play in which singing and dancing are essentials parts that developed from light opera in the early 20th century. Now because of our technological advances musicals are able to come to life in movies such as the West Side Story. This is not the only change that has happened, there is also the genre of music used to tell their story. Hamilton is a great example of this change.

West Side Story is the story of two lovers from rival gangs who cannot be together. This musical was heavily inspired by William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The music was a combination of jazz, pop, and classical which was influenced by Aaron Copland, which was Leonard Bernstein's friend. This …show more content…

Hamilton beloved by a large range of people, from children to the elderly even hip-hop fans and history buffs alike as it tells the complicated relationship of our founding fathers. The use of hip-hop music was a genius idea because it brought in a new audience into the world of musical theatre. It extended the range of the audience to those who have a preference for modern music like hip-hop. The greatest part was the cast diversity in the musical. The original cast were not white men and women, but instead there was Puerto Rican, Hispanic, Asian-American performers that were deliberately chosen. This was most likely done to bring in a larger audience and make the characters look more human than they appear to be. Aaron Burr was no longer a cold prodigy involved with creating our country, but a man who had strong ideas, grudges, and a romantic side. Alexander Hamilton was now a person who came from rags and made many mistakes in his life. Once people saw this they could relate to the characters hardships and accomplishments. This musical expanded the capabilities of storytelling in theatre that our forty-fourth president’s first lady, Michelle Obama complimented the cast greatly, saying it is the best art she has

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