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The film West Side takes place in New York City where a Polish- American gang, referred to as the Jets, competes against a Puerto Rican gang, the Sharks, to own the neighborhood streets. The central theme of this film is passionate love that defies friendships, family and other factors. To add to that, the dominating genre of the film is a musical involving drama and romance. To begin with, in this film, Richard Beymer (Tony) is the former leader of the jet that lives with Riff, works at Docs store and is in love with Maria. Natalie Wood (Maria) is the sister of Bernado who works at the bridal store and is in love with Tony. Rita Moreno (Anita) is Bernardo’s girlfriend that works in the bridal store. Tony Mordente (Action) is the most aggressive…show more content…
At the dances, the young men would wear dress pants, button down shirts with jackets, ties and dress shoes. On the other hand, the females would wear flared dresses, with one inch heels. The beat of the streets showed power, because the jets would snap and the sharks would whistle. The shark’s music was associated with the Mambo, claps, loudness, and percussion instruments. On the other hand, Jets were associated with Jazz and brass instruments. Also, the music goes from light and happy to sad and gloomy. The music in West Side film enhanced my enjoyment because it expressed feelings and it talked about the characters experience.
In comparison, Romeo and Juliet story can be compared to West Side Story. For instance, the dance held in both stories is where the lovers met. The common trait between the love of Romeo & Juliet and Tony & Maria was it was forbidden. Both Romeo and Tony angered their friends because they neglected them for their lovers. Also, both Maria and Juliet completely disagree with their arranged marriages. However, the difference between these stories is only one lead to the death of both
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West side story shows how passionate love defies friendship and other factors. Also, the film showed how even though the Puerto Ricans came to America for better opportunities, they didn’t like it there and they weren’t welcome. However, I think the reason for this was that they faced prejudice and disrespect in America. I noticed this in the film when Lt. Schrank made hurtful comments to the sharks and then told them to beat it out of the store. It was hurtful to Bernard and it was proven by him wanting to attack Lt. Schrank. The film, also has great music that tells the stories of the sharks and jets and it express feelings. Overall, West Side story shows how the love of a young Puerto Rican female and a young American boy leads to horrific and shocking
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