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Hamartiology (Hauerwas, The Peaceable Kingdom, 30-35) We are friends of the crucified, but we are the crucifiers as well. We must be trained to see ourselves as sinners, not self-evident, so fundamental we must be taught to recognize it. Cannot perceive it when we are formed by it. Sin not universal tendency to be inhumane or immoral (though involves this), we are sinful because we deceive ourselves about the nature of reality and would thus crucify the one who calls us to God's kingdom. Discover true identity as selves in life, death, resurrection of Jesus. Story of God tells us we are sinners, in relation to God as infidelity, rebellion, and selfishness. We are created for loyalty, but our sinfulness is loyalty to other things than God. Sin said to be Pride, Self-love, Lust, Sloth . . . it is all of those, very complex. Sin: to the extent I refuse to faithful to God's way, to live as part of God's life, my life assumes the character of rebellion. Sin – not just overestimating abilities, but overreach our powers, author our own stories. Sin – Challenge and refuse God's authorship, refusal to live as creatures. Will to power, pretending not to be limited when we are limited, make self center of universe and then subject others to our will, this injustice is sin. (Niebuhr) How it works with us. 1. Conspire to make lies powerful by structuring them to command consensus. 2. "Objectivity" of the majority allows accusation that those who differ are immoral (not just wrong). 3. Then defend our positions as truth, but our sin/lies become root and branch of violence. Learn to use language of sin about ourselves not just others! But not stuck there, called to be righteous and live life made possible by God's redemption in the cross. Sin not just an error or wrong doing, it's a wrong being or overreaching, fundamental form is self-deception. Freedom as a possession or achievement, rather than a gift, is sin. Controlling everything and not trusting is sin. Sin – fundamental orientation of the self. Character – formed by story that we must do everything (pride) or nothing (sloth) See self as God does and we can have the freedom to go on, God sees me as a sinner but there is still grace. Nature of Sin Relates to salvation – basically good with bad parts then the bad is saved; corrupt and rebellious then transformation is needed. Relates to ministry – encourage to do better, or repent and born again! Terms, Causes of Sin
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