Sin Is The Originator Of Sin

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Sin can be defined in many ways, but it creates a separation from God. There is a war that occurs inside people. That war is between one’s flesh and the Holy Spirit. Satan was the originator of sin because pride caused him to sin against God. Adam and Eve were the doors that allowed sin to enter the world. Sin causes death and without a savior, it is impossible to cleanse oneself. Once sin is conceived, it takes an atonement to wipe away one’s sin. Jesus became the atonement for all believers and He gives everyone a chance to have a relationship with God. As Christians, one must be aware of sin because it can affect a person’s destiny and cause delays with God’s blessing.
Sin can be defined as any desire that goes against the law
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Adam was the keeper of the Garden of Eden. He tended to the garden and was given instructions by God that all the trees were good for food except the two that were in the center of the garden. Those two trees were the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life (The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, 2003). While in the Garden of Eden, Adam was tending to the garden and a serpent (Devil) came to tempt Adam and Eve. Remember, Satan has been thrown from Heaven and now he is in the Garden of Eden trying to separate Adam and Eve from God. Satan decided to tempt Adam through Eve and told her if she did eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil she would not surely die. He told her she would be like God and it is not wrong to be like God. It should be everyone’s goal to be holy like God (Life Application Notes and Bible Help, 1996). For one to be like God, he must desire to be holy. No one can be like God; however, one can desire to be holy like Jesus. Satan took God’s word and twisted it by telling Eve to go against God’s will. Because Eve was misled, her goal became corrupted and led to sin. Everyone should have noble goals and aspire to become holy. However, when she ate the fruit from this forbidden tree nothing happened until Adam ate of the fruit. When Adam broke the law of God, sin entered the world. Instantly, sin separates people from God. God was looking for Adam and…show more content…
It is impossible to hide from an all-seeing and all-knowing God. It is easier to be honest with God and confess one’s unrighteous and then a person can be restored back to a state of righteousness (The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, 2003). In Romans 6:23, It talks about the cost of sin and how death occurs when an individual sins. Adam and Eve were severely punished because of their actions. Genesis 3:15-19 talks about the punishment because of the Adam, Eve, and the serpent’s actions. God put a wedge between the woman and the serpent’s seed. The woman’s seed will stomp the head of the serpent’s seed. Also, child birth will be difficult for the woman and labor will greatly be intensified. For the serpent, it was cursed and had to crawl on its belly and eat dust all the days of its life. The grounds were cursed; sorrow would come; and the earth would not yield it harvest due to thistles and briars. Sin brought the curse of death and man’s days were limited on the earth. Also, Adam and Eve were not allowed to enter back into the garden of Eden. God placed an angel with a flaming sword at the entrance of the garden to prevent any unlawful entries. Sin will prevent one from their ordained purpose and cause one to wonder about their destiny (Life Application Notes and Bible Help,
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