Poor Moral Character

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In the bible, there is a strong reoccurring theme of people of poor moral character or in a position of low social status in their society making a transformation for the better within themselves after following Jesus and the word of God. When a human follows the laws and does what is asked of them, in return, the Lord is able to bless the person’s character, making them shed the skin of the negative things they may have done in the past and are still dwelling in, preforming a sort of positive reformation for their soul. Also, God never discriminates against any of his people no matter what; in his eyes everyone deserves an equal chance and a fresh start. God will save any of his creation, regardless of how bad some of the things they may have done in the past are; to Him, how we finish life is more important than how we begin it. This notion, that God can transform someone who isn’t the most righteous person into someone upstanding, appears in the Christian scriptures and also has roots within the Hebrew Scriptures; its purpose being to prove how significantly God’s presence can positively affect one’s life.
This idea is represented in places throughout the New Testament, especially in the Gospel of Luke. In Luke 14-15, Jesus personally welcomes tax-gatherers and sinners to dine with him, regardless of what people were saying, refusing to differentiate between worthy and unworthy guests. He doesn’t care what people do or have done in the past; he wants to focus on spreading the good word and changing people’s characters for the better. This shows that God’s true intent lies with saving as many people as he can, not punishing people; he is a god of grace and mercy, not retribution. Jesus wants to progressively improve people who ...

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...matter what they may have done in the past, God will save them; there is no one too immoral or hated to be saved. This idea was started in the Hebrew Scriptures, with the introduction of the Social Justice tradition and is expanded in the Christian scriptures within the Gospel of Luke with Jesus’ acceptance of sinners and Saul’s radical transformation into Paul. God is willing to disregard one’s sinful actions and considerably improve their life and make them into a morally righteous Christian, enveloped in the Holy Spirit. His powers are great enough to completely change your character and whole moral fiber and he is willing to save every single one of his creations, despite their flaws. It is more important to God how you end your life rather than how you began it and if you learned from your mistakes or just dwelled in them; everyone can be renewed through Christ.
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