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The article I reviewed was, "Gut Bacteria" by Megan D. Baumler PhD, RD,CD. Though there are many soucres that went into this article, Dr. Baulmer gives great insight not only on what gut bacteria is, but also how it effects our bodies and everyday life. By going into detail about how it effects everyone differently , it allows us to think more about how certain things effect us, rather then the general population. She states that the reason for this is although nutrition facts of a certain food might be correct, the way that they are reacted to by each indiviuals body is very different. Gut bacteria has been linked to things such as obesity, insulin resistance, and heart disease to name a few. As of now we are still learning a lot about gut …show more content…

It is believed that this comes down to what bacteria each person contains in their colon. Being that everyone has a great variety of colon bacteria, the differences in how our body responds to these food are vastly different. Although this is not confirmed, it is a very well known theory in the science community and is constantly under experimentation. Secondly, this article explains that not all bacteria is bad. Of course when people hear the word bacteria, they assume that is is bad for them, the very thing that they try to get rid of on a daily basis to reduce sickness. Although, some gut bacteria is very essential to us as humans. These include supporting the GI tract and immune system, while also working as a physical barrier against the harmful bacteria in your body. Finally, it is an ongoing thought among doctors and scientists that gut bacteria directly correlates to obesity. It is said to do this be effecting energy level and metabolism, which deficiancy in either one is enough to cause obesity. Although there has already been several studies that link certain gut bacteria to the cause of obesity, it is still being heavily

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