Gun Violence Issue and Assault Weapons in America

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This obsession that the American people have when it comes to guns is beyond ridiculousness. In America there are approximately 270 million firearms possessed by civilians and only about 897,000 are carried by police. Just looking at this we can see how much the American people need for guns. It has been 15 years since the horrible tragic shooting that happened in Columbine high school where a set of 12 students and one teacher were murdered, whereas they injured an additional 24 people using assault weapons. Since this massacre the debate over gun control within the United States took centered stage for discussion. A country like the United States who praises they are the greatest nation on earth, should come up with stricter laws in order to prevent another tragic shooting and the only way that can happen is by banning assault weapons from Civilians. That way we can be able to form a much safer society.
Over the last year or so we have seen this rampage of gun violence going on Schools, Movie theaters, Mall or even in the Navy Yard. But what we don’t see is any sort of change that can take place, what is it that we can do as a country to come together and make a decision that will help our people? The United States is such a dangerous country to live in even more now so with this Mass Shootings that are now going on which they all involve an assault weapon. It seems as if it is “common sense’’ now days where anyone can start Mass shootings. Assault weapon ban is one of the most widespread new methods of gun control which has been largely embraced by politicians. In fact this not the first time this all debate issue starts with banning Assault weapons from Civilians. In 1994 Assault weapons were banded from Civilians, but did ...

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