Group Work Report

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Well, lets see where I should begin. The first day in class, we all collectively decided that we were going to write about the issue of homosexual marriage. It was a good topic but was already being overused so when you came around to ask what we were going to write about, Tanner and I said that we had chosen the topic aforementioned. Summer spoke up and said that we no longer wanted to do this because we had decided to write about gender and sports. Shocked, Tanner and I both just went with it because you seemed to like the idea. We assumed that Summer must have been moderately knowledgeable on the topic at hand and could offer us assistance however, she did not. She chose to write the introduction and the explanation of the problem. Then Tanner decided he would write the proposed solution. I chose to write two reasons. Ivy chose to write one reason and the conclusion. I wrote the plan of argument and Ivy collected our sources for the annotated bibliography. Then when it came time to do our rough draft, we each wrote our prospective portions and sent them to Ivy who turned ours in ...
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