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Many countries have the pleasure of celebrating Independence Days. These historic holidays are filled with nationalistic celebrations and delicious traditional food. In Chile, the natives celebrate their break from Spain with Fiestas Patrias. In Mexico, the president begins the celebration by ringing a bell and reciting the “Grito de Dolores” and he ends his speech by saying “Viva Mexico” three times. Chileans declared independence from Spain on September 18th, 1810. This led to decades of violence that finally ended in 1826 when the last royalist stronghold fell. The Chileans had many reasons for wanting freedom from Spain. One was the corrupt Chilean governor, Fransico Antonio Garcia Corrasco, who was involved in a conspiracy to steal smuggled clothes from a British frigate. During the robbery, the captain and some of the crew of the British ship were murdered, forever ruining the governor’s reputation. Fighting in Spain’s Western colonies also encouraged Chile …show more content…

When Father Hidalgo’s plans were discovered him and his fellow conspirators were forced to act. On September 16, 1810, Father Hidalgo gave his famous “Grito de Dolores”, “Cry of Dolores”, where he called upon the Mexican people to fight with him against the Spanish rule. Hundreds, which soon turned into 80,000, of people joined him and attacked Spaniards and looted cities. After a huge loss of Calderon Bridge, the rebel army scattered and the Spanish army found Hidalgo and Allende and executed them. The rebels do not give up and continued to fight a long and bloody war until 1828 when they won their independence. (Mexican Independence from Spain - The Hidalgo Era, 1810-1811, 1; Celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day: 7 Traditions Followed To Commemorate The Country’s Most Important Day,

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