Texas Becoming a State

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The state of Texas was the 28th state added to the United States of America on December 29, 1845 . At the time, it was the largest state in the US and would remain that until the inclusion of Alaska into the US in January 3, 1959. Texas became a state because of the diverse political strife, military success, and because of nationalism , over the course of 80 years. It starts as just a province of Spanish Mexico empire, and would eventually become the Lone Star State.

Now, the Mexican Revolution was just a small beginning for the eventual state of Texas. Back in 1809, Texas was just a provenance in the Spanish Empire and its inhabitants were mostly converted Native Americans and people of Spanish descent, but not native born of Spain. The Spanish born people had more rights and were, according to the law, superior to all others. This and more oppression by the Spanish against the Mexicans (i.e. the Native Americans and non-Spanish born), caused an uprising by the common people that was started by a Catholic priest in 1809. It would take 16 more years before Mexico had won its independence from Spain like the US had from Great Britain.

The oppression from the Spanish born was so hated, that when the new country of Mexico created its Constitution, they decided to outlaw slavery completely in their new country. This was not a foreign idea. Some of the countries of Europe had already begun to do the same. Now along with the idea of no slavery, the Mexican people decided to adopt the Catholic Religion as their national faith. This is because their mother country, Spain, which had created them, was a Catholic Country and it was what they knew and practiced.

The land that Mexico now had under its control was not very populated thoug...

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