Greek Gods Essay

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The Greeks were very strong in their polytheistic beliefs. Polytheism is when someone believes in more than one god. In the Greeks case, there were an unbelievable amount but there were 12 main Olympian Gods. There are also plenty of minor gods that are still important in their lives. The Greek gods impacted the lives of the Greeks through their religion and beliefs. Many people don’t know the story behind the gods and how they came into “existence”. That is what you will learn from this report. The titans were the deities that started it all. The titans ruled before the Olympian gods came along. “Cronus was the Titan god of time and the ages, especially time were regarded as destructive and all-devouring” (Atsma). Cronus was in fear of a prophecy saying that his child would overthrow him and take over. So what he thought was logical was to swallow all of his children whole. Since they were immortal, they didn’t die, they simply lived in their father’s stomach. But Rhea, the wife of Cronus, “managed to save the youngest, Zeus, by hiding him away on the island of C...

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