Great Men

Great Men

Ozymandias and Ulysses were distinguished men in the eyes of the authors that wrote the poems about these two characters. The personas in the poems are "great" men who share similar qualities. However, there are slight differences that are encountered in their experiences and events in their lifetime. Ozymandias was a great king in his time and had lots of power over land and people. Ulysses, on the other hand, was a traveler who had been too many places in the world. He became famous and created a name for himself from the traveling he did in his lifetime.

The omnipotence of Ozymandias compelled him to become arrogant and a pompous person. His quote on the statue states "Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!" This presents the evidence of his egotistical character. Whereas, Ulysses was a `great" man through his humbleness to gain knowledge of different cultures and as Ulysses stated, "Honored of them all." Ozymandias, as a king, had many riches and was an extremely wealthy man. Ulysses, however, was not a man of abundant fortune but he "suffered greatly" in his lifetime alone and with loved ones. He was rich in living life and traveling all over the world interested in meeting people from various communities.

Ozymandias is thoughtless because he praises no one other than himself in the poem. Everything that occurs revolves around him and no one else. He does not mention leaving his authority to a son or any other relative. Ulysses, however, describes leaving his son the land and his "scepter" in the most loving way. An entire paragraph is dedicated to his son, "mine own Telemachus." He simply states how his son will take up after him and what he will do with the authority he leaves him. Although it is the same duty, "He works his work, and I mine." Ulysses has created a name for himself through his own undertaking and his son will create his name and leave a legend that only he himself can choose.

Of all the differences they encompass, the future of Ozymandias and Ulysses remain the same. The two men had entirely distinct lives that carried an identical fate when there lives ended in old age. The men will both die and their legacies left behind will soon fade over time. Although they have created a name for themselves, as generations pass, there names will become mentioned less and less.
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