Graduation Speech : Waiting On Your Future

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Waiting on Your future Americans start school very early in life some go to preschool, but most start in kindergarten, then continue school all the way through high school where they graduate. After almost a whole life of going to school, students will finally graduate as most become an adult. Many young adults have to choose to go to college at this point after having no experience in the real adult world before leaving from the comfort zone at home to try to go get a job that many will not be happy with later on in life. ¬¬I argue that students should be able to take time off before going to college because some people are not mature enough or have enough experience to go to college, some are not sure of their career track, and for some it can give them more time to get enough money needed for college. Many students come out of high school of knowledge of history, numbers, and words. They also come out of high school burnt out, tired, and bored. The idea of a gap year is for students to put off college to take time to refresh and figure out their life plans before starting to early and making mistakes (Danielle). Linda Lee writes in her article, “What’s the Rush? Why College Can Wait”, that the idea of a gap year is supported by a few colleges such as Harvard and Princeton as well as some others, these colleges like the idea of gap year because they believe that it can help students get more experience to make a decision in what they want to do exactly and come back the next year and execute their plans. Students that take a gap year are able to take scholarships from certain organization such as American Gap Association and USA Gap Fairs, which promote gap year. The idea of gap year is to help prepare the students for the nex... ... middle of paper ... ...can get there in the most efficient way, but not all believe that the gap year is the most efficient way to a successful future. Some argue that taking of a year can cause the student to become unfocused and cause then to become unsure of what they want to in the future. Also, a gap year can only work correctly if students work in a certain direction with a plan during their gap year. In conclusion, the gap year concept is a great year for students that need breaks from school, some time to save money and to gain some more needed experience before college. There are still some small flaws in the gap year that may cause some to no consider the idea taking a gap year but it shown many effective ways for students. Effective way that help benefit the students futures in making it easier for them to choose what to do but also to help benefit their work force around them.

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