Graduation Speech : High School

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Did you know that according to an associate 's degree , “it’s not uncommon for an associate degree to wind up costing between $25,000 and $30,000” ( If you think about it that is a lot of money for two years of college, but what if there was a way you can get your associates degree for free. Wouldn 't that be a whole lot better? What if high school were to be extended two more years and not only would you graduate with a high school diploma but also an associate 's degree? Extending high school for six years would be beneficial for those who are struggling with money. Also, a high school for six years can help students take their time learning what is needed for their future career and will prepare our youth for our future in jobs. Six years of high school allows low-income students an opportunity to get college courses for free. According to Thomas Bailey, director of the Center for Analysis of Postsecondary Education and Employment, “The transition from high school to college is often difficult and inefficient especially for low-income and first-generation college students so uniting the institutions is one way to improve that connection”(Bailey). The two extra years can be used as actual college years and you can save money on those two years you would have spent in a community college. P-Tech is a good example of a high school with six years. According to Rana Foroohar, assistant managing editor for Time magazine, “Student at P-Tech many of whom will be the first in their families to graduate from high school, will come out not only with a high school diploma ,but also an associate 's degree”(Foroohar). If you were to take two extra years of high school you would be leaving with an associates degree as w... ... middle of paper ... At the age of a seventh grader it is too much pressure and will cause kids to decrease interest in school. Some students migh be able to handle that workload but its a small amount. With two extra years of high school, students will be given more time to work at a pace that is best for them. Rushing things equals mistakes. Do you prefer to make mistakes or get it done the first time and not go back to it ? sometimes you aren 't able to go back and undo. High school for six years would be beneficial for students. Also get the necessary learning needed for your career decision and prepare the student for our future jobs. Six years of high school isn’t a waste of time its just a better way to further your education. Shouldn 't students get the best education possible? They will be our future engineers, physicians, doctors, etc. ,so promote six years of high school!
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