Graduation Speech : High School

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The two high schools I selected for this assignment was Lincoln High School from Tacoma, WA and Bellingham High School from Bellingham, WA. I picked Lincoln High School because I wanted to pick a high school that was from my hometown and one that was familiar to me. The reason why I chose Bellingham High School was because I wanted to pick a school from the place that I am currently living in. Both high schools were pretty convenient for me to complete this analysis assignment. The initial enrollment number for Lincoln High was 1,410 in October 2014, followed by a student count in May 2015 of 1,362. Bellingham High had 1,067 enrolled students in October 2014 and then 1,037 students in the student count May 2015. Lincoln dropped 3.4% in their student count while Bellingham High only dropped 2.8%. This is interesting to me because from the website it stated the estimated population for Tacoma was about 203,446 while in Bellingham it was only 82,631. Another thing I noticed were the percentages for the special programs each school had and how they differ from each other. One of the things I noticed when looking at the statistics for both high schools were the percentages for free or reduced-price meals. For Lincoln High School the percentage for free or reduced-price meals was at a 77.6%, while Bellingham High School had only 28%. Clearly we can see a huge difference between the two schools and how many students are using this food program. Lincoln is nearly almost the triple amount of percentage compared to Bellingham High. The second significant difference I saw was another program offered at both schools, which was the special education program with Lincoln at 15.1% and Bellingham High 9.3%. Again, this could be du... ... middle of paper ... ...ging the Game, is having industrial technology available to everyone. He states how the Untied States doesn’t do a good job at supporting everyone with the new technological advances but this isn’t to say that it can’t be done. (238) Another suggestion he has is having people learn other cultures, political views and economical situations from around the world. Information is endless and the more we can teach students about the world outside our own nation, the more they can be exposed to the reality of the real world and how it functions. (241) I believe it is important to start teaching students of wherever they’re at in high school that our world still has a lot of issues of inequalities, social injustice and social stratification that need to be addressed. What better way to teach and shape the minds of our future leaders if not in their prime time of high school?
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