Graduation Speech : High School

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It is Tuesday morning and my math class is soon to start. I quickly dash into the classroom scanning for potential seats towards the back of the room. The teacher starts her lesson and questions are asked to which I know the answer to, but the fear over comes me and all I can do is mouth the answers. It is graduation day and I exhale as I realize my high school years are finally behind me. Many years have past since then, and for some crazy reason I decided to go to college to continue my education. Unquestionably, I am a much stronger student in college than I ever was in high school. Although this may be true, my high school years were never as pleasant as I found my college years to be. Being that I was always too shy in school, I would always try my best not to be seen whether by my peers or my teachers. For example, whenever the teacher would ask a question to the class I would always second-guess myself, and I would mouth the answer. Let me say that I always had the correct answer. I guess a person can say I was a bit of self-conscious, and I always was afraid of being the laughing stock of the entire classroom if I answered the teacher’s questions incorrectly. I never considered myself to be the pretty girl in school or the most stylish girl either. At that time I told myself that in order to be smart a girl I must also be pretty. So, I restrained myself from answering any questions in class and avoided my teachers all together. I can say that I just went to school because I had to and did the work because I was expected to by my parents. Be that as it may, I am surprisingly enough a much more outgoing student in college. For instance, now in days I arrive early to class not to scan for the potential seats towards the back ... ... middle of paper ... ...tact with someone was no longer needed, and I found myself more devoted to my studies. I traded my need for acceptance of the opposite sex for my need of learning and becoming successful in life. I also realized that people seem to only care for others if the person seems to care enough about themselves and demonstrate to others their worth in this world. Like many say, “ How can I care about you if you don’t care enough about yourself to change?” To summarize, my journey of self-discovery didn’t appear over night, it was not until I decided to be open minded and tried different ideas that I was able to rediscover my true potential as a student. Although we all have a past to which we are not fully proud of, keep in mind the most successful individuals are the one’s that can relate to others through growth and experiences. Never let your past determine your future.
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